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English Summary

The common ancestor and the branches of the Snethlage Family

DNA and the origin of the family

A small part of the human DNA is only inheritable through the paternal line.  Research into this is not only interesting for geneticists, but as well for those who want to know from wich regions their family descends and to which popoulationgroup the family belonged. .
A couple of years ago the Forensic Laboratory of the Leiden University carried out a research, comnmissioned bij the Royal Dutch Genealogical Society. In this project participated as well a descendant from the Dutch Drents Frisian branch as a descendant  from the German branch. 
Though their common ancestor, Ds Wilhelm(us) Snethlage (1565-1650) was born nearly 450 years ago, is turned out that both of them belonged for 100 % to the same so-called haplogroup and sub-haplogroup. Their individual haplotype was almost the same, only some extremely minor differences appeared, which is normal after hundreds of years.
Iin short: it is clear that de Snethlage family descends originally from haplogroup R1b and sub hapoligroup R1b1b2.
It goes too far to explain here what a haplogroup is exactly and how it is established, and  the more: we are no experts.  Who wants to know more thereabout,. can find a lot of information on Internet.
On the map [click here]] you can find in which areas and in which density the haplogroup R1b is found. As can be seen, the group is spread especially in West- and South-Europe, and there by far the most intensive in Ireland, in Wales and in the South of Scotland. 
That points to a Celtic origin in the male line of the Snethlage family.

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